Yogurt For Fat Loss

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Rylan's Perfect Yogurt

Coach Rylan's Perfect Yogurt

Yogurt can be one of the best foods to eat for losing body fat.  Notice how I put can in italics?

The problem is trying to find the right brand, in a flavor you like, and then wading through all the propaganda; is it probiotic, is is pre-biotic, is it naturally sweetened, is it sugar free, does it have Splenda, or Aspertame, or Ace-K, or Honey, how much sugar is too much, should it be fat free, should it be 1%, 2%, full fat?


You aren’t the only one.

Here are some simplified guidelines for choosing a great, healthy yogurt.

First, NO artificial sweeteners.

Second, 1% fat will give you the best ratio of carbs-fat-protein content.

Third, no added sugar.

Fourth, probiotics are a good idea, pre-biotics are good as well.

So is there a specific brand that covers all this ground?  Not that I have found, so here is what I do.

Buy a container of PLAIN 1% yogurt (I use Dairyland).  For each one cup serving, I add fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) for flavor and extra fiber (which is really all pre-biotic means – fiber that feeds healthy bacteria).  Next, I add a little stevia (natural no calorie sweetener) to taste, and then I open a probiotic capsule and dump it in as well.  Lastly, I add a couple tablespoons of my favorite vanilla protein powder and blend it all together.

It tastes amazing, its loaded with tons of nutrition, and it takes away all the confusion.  I call it my  ‘perfect yogurt’.

Coach Rylan

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