Vicki Shaw, Coldstream, BC

“After the birth of my daughter I worked out HARD trying to lose the extra weight I had gained during my pregnancy and tone the saggy skin, but I just wasn’t seeing the results I though I should be.  I thought the only way to get a sleek, toned body after having kids was by having cosmetic surgery.  But when I met Coach Rylan he assured me it could be done without surgery and with a quicker workout than I was currently doing.  Shortly after starting his workout program and making the dietary changes he suggested, I was able to lose the extra weight, and see the toning and definition I was hoping for, all in the small amount of time I had each day between looking after my family and working full time. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results I have achieved with Coach Rylan’s program and I recommend him and his program to everyone.”

Bonnie May-Gardner, Vernon BC

“Rylan came highly recommended to me, and now I can see why.  I have suffered for years being overweight, out of shape and dealing with many health issues.  Sitting and talking with Rylan has been a real learning experience for me.  He has told me things that even the diabetic clinics and dieticians failed to tell me.  Rylan is a very informed young man…knowledgeable way beyond his years.  He has a sensitive and supportive approach that makes you feel comfortable right from the start.  The advice that I have been given wasn’t “clinical”, it came from a lot of thought, and it was designed just for my situation and me.  Thank you Rylan for being who you are.  You are a hidden treasure!”

Becky Marshall, Kelowna, B.C.

“Rylan put together a wonderful program that worked for me! He spent time getting to know exactly what my goals were. By taking a very close look at my lifestyle, schedule and ultimate fitness goals, he constructed an effective plan that worked well for me. Within 2 weeks I noticed a tremendous difference in my body, and my work-out routine felt amazing! I am extremely happy with Rylan’s knowledge about fitness and training and the effective plan he put together for me!  Thanks again for your help!”

Kay Rood, 67, San Francisco

“These past three months of working with Coach Rylan’s program have been the most body-transforming in my life without a doubt!!!!  Just reading about his training and philosophy to weight loss MADE TOTAL SENSE! I wanted someone who could teach me how to do the exercises I needed and how to do them correctly.. plus, get super results and, RESULTS I got! More results than I actually expected. I figured since it took me years to get so much out of shape therefore, it would take me years to get back in shape. (wrong!!) When I got on his Detox Eating Plan together with his Exercise Program I got results beyond my wildest dreams!!! I’ve dropped 22 pounds in 3 months and by the way, I’m eating more nutritious food than I ever did before. I am 67 years old and everyday I feel great… I can’t tell you how much I trust Coach Rylan because his system really works and because of his continued support and encouragement for me to get results and be victorious accomplishing my goals. (By the way I live in San Francisco-distance doesn’t matter with his program). His system is clear and concise. Thanks Coach!!”

Amy Candido, Kinesiologist & Cardiac Rehab Specialist, Vancouver B.C.

“Rylan, you are an amazing writer…I know a lot of people out there who after just once glance at your articles will come running to you!  Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your articles because you use a tone that I find both funny and realistic! You aren’t afraid to call it how it is. I wish I was in an area long enough to find a trainer with your hard core persistence. I am convinced that you could help me not only reach, but surpass my fitness goals.”

Joy Haxton, Lake Country, B.C.

“After years or difficulty with my knees and lower back, I have achieved relief that I did not know was possible. I am thrilled with the results of working with Rylan and wholeheartedly recommend him.”  

Cara Arding, Co-Owner, Urban Fitness Ltd.

“We have been working closely with Rylan to provide personalized fitness consolation, nutritional planning and injury rehabilitation to our clients for over a year. Rylan’s knowledge, professionalism and credentials are unmatched, but it’s his personal attention, care and enthusiasm that he puts forth with every client that makes him stand out. Rylan works not only to educate each client; he also takes the time to listen closely to each client’s objectives in order to customize a program to suit their specific fitness goals.  We are confident and proud to refer and work so closely with an individual of this caliber and Rylan’s expertise resonates in our clients and their results.”

Gillian Padgett, Toronto, Ont.

“Rylan Duggan was referred to me by sports specialists as “the best personal fitness coach in the Okanagan” and I am truly grateful for that recommendation. In a professional and skillful manner Rylan has: assessed my fitness level, designed an appropriate program for me, taught me the exercises, created an easy to follow exercise guide, and much more.  In the early stages of a long journey, I find that I have more energy, am stronger and more flexible, and feel better than I have for the longest time. I am absolutely confident that Rylan will guide me safely, satisfactorily and successfully towards my goal of maximum physical fitness that will contribute to my overall health and wellbeing for life! “  From a position of high stress, no regular exercise and excess pounds, Rylan created an appropriate, effective exercise program to help build my strength and stamina and generally feel fitter and more energetic.  Once my initial burst of enthusiasm fizzled out, Rylan coached me through inner resistance, apathy and a gazillion excuses to keep me on track. As I progress, the program is modified step by step. An ‘aha’ moment occurred when I realized that my newly acquired core strength enabled me to lift my grandson without damaging my back! In addition, special exercises helped strengthen a weak ankle so that I can walk down hills and bumpy surfaces without twisting it or tripping. Another bonus is being able to shop for smaller sized clothes!  For my travels, Rylan created an exercise regimen to follow in any room with a door (!) using a special exercise kit. Having moved from BC to Ontario, I continue following his program and using his professional guidance to increase my overall fitness. I highly value and recommend Rylan’s professional skills.

Lars Bjornson, Vernon, B.C.

“Rylan Duggan is a rising star in the training community.  He is a continually evolving expert who has a burning passion to see his clients succeed.  For someone who wants results, Rylan is the obvious choice.”

Darlene McKenzie, ONT, Canada

“Using Rylan’s program, I have experienced a physical change in my body that I never thought was possible.  I used to think that I had to slave away for hours on the treadmill and endure long, exhausting workouts.  I am actually working out LESS than half as much as I used to, and in my own living room, and I am getting BETTER results is the last three weeks than the last year combined.”

Erin Harley, Winfield BC

“I came to Rylan shortly after a massive car accident. He was very knowledgeable about the problems I was dealing with. He helped me reach my goals, such as healing my bad shoulder and losing some weight which helped with various other problems. I saw a huge difference after working with Rylan for a month. He was always in good spirits (even when I wasn’t) and he provided me with a great deal of knowledge. Rylan knew when I needed a push in the right direction and wasn’t afraid to give me one. The program he designed for me was absolutely perfect. Rylan was always professional with a smile and he knew just how to act and what to say. Rylan is a wonderful guy and a great friend.”

John Glennon, Vernon, BC

“Prior to working with Rylan, I was “running fit”, but ” fitness poor”.
Working with Rylan has not only enhanced my running performance, but
assisted me in developing my core strength and overall fitness levels. I am
stronger, fitter and running faster than ever. Thanks Rylan.”

Roslyn Ross, Vernon, B.C.

“I am a 60 year old female who had to leave my physically demanding job due to severe back pain that was being managed by high doses of medication. My diagnosed disease is a progressive, degenerative condition which only worsens with time.   I knew I had to do something to help myself. Through word of mouth recommendation (rave reviews actually), enter Rylan Duggan.  After an initial meeting, he knew exactly what I needed and tailored a personalized, step-by-step, stretching and strengthening program slowly accelerating a diet and exercise regime that I could do at home that really works.   The benefits and results that I have realized since following my program are incredible.  For this and so much more, I cannot extol the virtues of Rylan enough.  He is a young man who has channeled his core belief into learning his craft and those fortunate enough to have him cross their paths will enjoy the benefit of that education.

His sound professional advice is aimed at each persons personal goals and success and his quiet “living it” ways brings to the table a natural ability and easy demeanor not learned in school. It is also a comfort to know he is always supportive especially when one falters. Rylan has a much higher goal than to believe in him, his goal is that YOU believe in a healthier, happier and more fit YOU.   Rylan truly is wise beyond his years, and this old girl is grateful.  Kudos Rylan, and from the bottom of my healthier heart, Thank You.”

Amy Partridge, New Zealand

“For the first time since my childhood, I now feel comfortable wearing singlet tops. And it’s not just my arms that improved! Fat has been melting away from all parts, particularly my belly, so I now have a waist that I’m proud of. I feel confident that in only a few more weeks, I’ll feel just as comfortable in a bikini as my friends who’ve been doing athletics their whole lives.  Rylan himself was a particular help to me – when I contacted him for help, he replied personally and promptly, with understanding and very helpful advice. All in all, this is an excellent program; definitely one I’d recommend! 🙂  Thanks Rylan”

Lucy Glennon, Vernon, B.C.

“One of my friends said that life after 40 was the best part of her life. My first thought was the first 40 must have been really bad. Standing in front of the mirror and checking out my 40 year old behind I was sure that the space between the back of my knees and my butt had gotten shorter, but on closer inspection my butt had just sagged down a little further. A week of 40th birthday revelry made my jeans shrink and the scale must have been broken because it told me I was five pounds heavier. This was supposed to be the best part of my life? HELP!!  A friend who was also having the same 40 plus crisis suggested I call this “fitness trainer” Rylan, who had helped her make some changes in her life. I looked at her with complete skepticism, a fitness trainer yeah right. Well what did I have to loose, except a few of those extra pounds.  The big day came for me to meet this Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was going to buff me up, but he didn’t show up.  Instead, an unassuming sweet guy came to my door. He listened intently to all of my woes of messed up knees, over rotated shoulder and general aches and pains and sagging buttocks with a look of true caring on his face. At the end of our meeting he assured me that he could help out my aging body in the 50 minutes of spare time I had each day.  Seven days later Rylan came back with a program customized for me. We met two more times that week to make sure I had it all down. Now it was up to me.   In 10 short weeks I lost 3% of my body fat, 9 pounds and shrunk 2 sizes. I have never had these kinds of results. I was feeling like a million bucks.  My next program was geared towards getting in shape for the ski season. Skiing is very important to me but I was ready to give it up because of my bad knees. The pain I felt at the end of each ski day was almost unbearable. Rylan assured me that he could change that.    December 26th, my first day on the slopes. I felt stronger and more in control than ever before, but would my knees hurt at the end of the day. I couldn’t believe it. Not even a slight ache. Rylan you are a miracle worker. What a great ski season I had.  Because of Rylan I am now getting back in to running. My hope is that with his help I will be able to run a 10k by fall.  I can’t say enough about Rylan. He is professional, caring and he definitely knows his stuff. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness.   Thanks Rylan for helping me make the 40’s the best years of my life!”

Fred and Emilia Gilowski, Vernon, BC

“When Rylan was referred to us, Fred and I were quite skeptical about a home exercise program.  After our first consultation with Rylan, our concerns were quickly dispelled.  With his knowledge and recommendations, we purchased the necessary equipment and were off to a ‘biking’ start.  During subsequent consultations, I mentioned to Rylan that I had a shoulder problem, and Rylan quickly went to work to design an exercise program for me.  In eight weeks I have seen my shoulder’s mobility improve, and I know that it was a result of Rylan’s knowledge and experience.  Both Fred and I have no reservations to recommend Rylan to our family, friends, and anyone else who requires his fantastic knowledge, experience, and expertise.”

Sandi Batchelor, Vernon, BC

“Rylan, I am so excited about getting started (with my fitness program).  You are the first person in along time that has given me some hope of feeling normal once again! Thank you so much!”

Hetty Jo, Vernon, B.C.

“Rylan, I AM LOVING MY PROGRAMS!!  This Friday will be the end of six weeks…hard to believe…and I am seeing and feeling changes!!  I am loving the “definition” and the “sculpting” that I am seeing in the mirror… and that makes me very, very happy!”

Sue Miller, Vernon BC, owner Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen

I am by all accounts one of those people who do not like to exercise…at all!  I was, of course, in deep denial that I needed to get in shape, until an old injury flared up and made it almost impossible for me to use my left shoulder and arm.  Then I called Rylan.  That was 6 months ago. I have not only regained the use of the injured arm, but I feel strength that I haven’t felt in my life! It’s amazing what happens when someone works with you and educates you about your body, nutrition and general health. I am no longer a member of the “wine of the day” club. Instead I am someone who eats healthier, drinks less alcohol and looks forward to my workouts. My husband has noticed the difference and my 4 children do not miss the “grumpy tired bear” that had become a daily character in their lives. I am constantly being told by friends and my customers of my restaurant that I look fantastic…a glow…something? But most of all I have noticed. I have noticed a happier woman who has been guided by Rylan to face the challenges (whatever they may be) and to know that I have the tools to do it.  All I know is that in 6 months you (Rylan) have transformed not only my body, but my life. And you did it with incredible knowledge, patience and commitment.  Thank you!

Sandra Jenson, Vancouver, BC

You shouldn’t go see Rylan because he is the most caring and sincere person you will ever find in the fitness industry, although he is.  You shouldn’t go see Rylan because he is the most professional, qualified, and knowledgeable individual in his field, although he is.  You shouldn’t even go see Rylan because he wants to see you succeed as much as you do, although he does.  You must see Rylan because he simply delivers results.  Do what he tells you, and you will reach your goals, it’s as simple as that.

Brenda H, United States

“Coach Rylan re-ignited my passion for exercise and my desire to become well again. I jumped in… relying heavily on Coach Rylan to guide me through this challenge and to help me make the changes I have wanted to make for ten years! Well, guide me he did. And his program works!! I lost 20 pounds, and almost 24 inches from my body in only eight weeks! I am stronger, healthier, happier, no longer depressed, and no longer ashamed of my body or condition. I am motivated, realistic, and sensible about losing fat and acquiring a toned and fit body because of Coach Rylan”

Kendra Swanson, Okanagan

After years of struggling with my weight after having three children, I had simply ran out of ideas.  I had tried every diet and program in the book, with no results, and I was desperate.  My friend recommended that I hire a personal trainer, but I had always been skeptical about personal trainers.  I knew for a fact that most of them only had to pass a three week course to get their designation, and I’ll be damned if I was going to let someone who wasn’t qualified mess with my health and my body.  But then, through word of mouth, I found Rylan Duggan.  To say that Rylan was qualified for the job is an understatement.  He has more letters after his name than in it, he has studied the human body intricately and has a university degree to prove it, and he is constantly furthering his knowledge through continued study and education.  No matter the question, he always has the answer, and he was the answer I was looking for.  In the brief months that I have been working with Rylan, my body has transformed.  Friends and relatives are shocked at the change when they see me.  I no longer buy into the ‘I’m too old’ or ‘I’ve had children’ or ‘I’m a woman’ excuses that I once used to explain my inability to lose weight.  Rylan has proved to me that no matter the circumstances, I can achieve the body that I want.  Rylan, you are a gem, and anyone who is smart enough to hire you as their personal trainer will see that as well.  Thank you!

Darrell Koscielny, Vernon, B.C.

Rylan is courteous, kind and he’ll help you out in anyway he can…

he would take pictures of me stretching (so I could remember how to do them properly when he wasn’t there).  He would do amazing things with me… I have been working out for 20 years and nobody had ever shown me some of the exercises that he had me do.  Thank-you Rylan!

Randi K, 48, Pennsylvania

“Coach, I just wanted to send you a thank you for all that you have done for me.  I honestly thought that there was nothing that could ever work for me, I had simply tried everything out there.  You truly were a last resort, and I am so glad I took the chance.  I can’t believe it’s been less than 6 weeks and I’ve already lost two sizes, with no signs of my results slowing down!  I think taking your advice of just ‘reserving judgement’ and just doing it for 30 days really made the difference for me.  Like I told you, I didn’t care how or why it worked, just that it worked.  I just stopped second guessing everything and followed your program for 30 days without thinking about it, and it was amazing!  I trust you, and I know that you know best, so from now on I am just going to take your advice and do it!!  Thanks again Coach!”