Playground Fitness Part 1

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In the heat of summer, few of us like the thought of being cooped up in a stuffy gym.  With these playground exercises, I hope to inspire you

to take your fitness program outside for a change, and use some of the many excellent resources you can find at any park or playground.  This is the first mini-workout in a three part series.

Playground Mini-Circuit #1

Complete each exercise, one after the other, taking no rest between exercises.  Take a 60 second rest at the end of each circuit, and repeat for a total of 4 circuits.  To add cardio to this circuit, complete 60 seconds of jogging in place or jumping jacks at the beginning and end of each circuit.

a)  Chin-Downs:  8-10 Reps (for each full chin-up you can do, take one rep off)
b)  Reverse Pull-Ups:  12 Reps (high bar) or 8 Reps (low bar)
c)  Hanging Knee Lift:  8-10 Reps (pause by resting feet on the ground if need be, but don’t let go of bars)
d)  Jogging In Place or Jumping Jacks:  60 seconds (optional)

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