Natural Thigh Lipo – Yup, It's Better Than Surgery

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Natural Thigh Lipo

That sounds like a strong statement, but in a recent blog post on The Natural Plastic Surgery website, I explain just one of the many reasons why this system works better than liposuction for reducing thigh fat, cellulite, and even the dreaded cankle syndrome.

The answer lies in the method that naturally triggers your body’s dormant fat melting genes and hormones.  Yes, you have them – even if you think you’ve been genetically programmed to blimp up like a zeppelin

even by just looking at carbs.  Once you learn the secrets of natural plastic surgery, you will see that sculpting the perfect body is no longer out of your reach – and it certainly won’t cost you thousands of dollars and months of recovery like the traditional alternative.

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  • sarina singh Says:

    hi ryan

    I have a question, I hope you can answer. I read just today that studies on rats show that if you are obese for a long period of time the bodies chemistry and genetics adjust to this weight, even if you lose weight, you are apt to gain it back. This is disheartning because I want to lose weight and I have been large for 20 years so don’t know what to do about this. Are you aware of this research, can you share some advise.



  • Coach Rylan Says:

    This is exactly what is happening when the ‘bad genes’ get switched on. It may seem disheartening, but you can turn them off, and turn the good genes on by modifying your lifestyle habits substantially. This is what my program is designed to do.

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