My Kettle Get's a Workout Too

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To the average person I might seem to drink an inhuman amount of tea.

I usually drink 3-4 cups during the day, and then probably another 3-4 after dinner (no cream and no sweetener however!)

Of course, this isn’t your regular black tea, it’s all organic green tea or herbal tea, but I get asked all the time if drinking that much tea is dehydrating and actually detrimental to health.

A new study proves what I’ve known all along, that tea is not dehydrating, and is just as good as water.

I still recommend drinking plenty of water in addition to tea, but don’t be afraid to keep that kettle hot.

After my wife bought me a nice herbal tea sampler, Stash’s Ginger Peach Green Tea has become my new favorite.


Coach Rylan

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