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Intro To The Natural Plastic Surgery System

October 25, 2010Coach Rylan No Comments »

My all new Natural Plastic Surgery System is due to be released in early November, so I thought I would post up a quick introduction video taken straight from the DVDs.  The website ( is currently under development, but should be live in a couple weeks, when I will begin taking pre-orders on the first […]

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Bikini Body Workout

August 16, 2010Coach Rylan No Comments »

Here is this month’s edition of Workout Espresso for WellBella Magazine.  Make sure to grab your copy to get all the sets, reps, and instructions.  WellBella is only available at your local GNC. Coach Rylan

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A funny clip from my buddy in Manhattan

February 2, 2010Coach Rylan 2 Comments »

A good friend of mine, Brynne Morrice, is an actor living in Manhattan.  He happened upon a Barnes and Noble one day, and decided to irritate some security guards with this camera.

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Hotel Room Workout

November 30, 2009Coach Rylan No Comments »

I’ve just added a complete Hotel Room Workout for busy folks on my Free Stuff page. This is a great workout when you have very little time, limited space, and absolutely no equipment. Don’t think that just becuase you don’t have any equipment that you can’t get a good workout in.  After one set I’m […]

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Nutrition Tips For Stressed Out Folks

November 18, 2009Coach Rylan No Comments »

My brother recently asked me to guest author a post at his blog. He is a Journalism major at the University of British Columbia, and they are right in the thick of exams, papers, and deadlines at the moment.  He thought it would be a good idea if I could offer stressed-out and time strapped […]

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Truth About Sweeteners – Natural vs Artificial

September 29, 2009Coach Rylan No Comments »

Always a topic of debate, natural and artificial sweeteners.  In this video, I’ll give you the reasons why you need viagr a pfizer to avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs, and I’ll also give you my top 3 natural sweeteners. buying viagra in a canadian pharmacy Coach Rylan

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The 'Fat Loss Project' Is Underway

September 16, 2009Coach Rylan No Comments »

Over at my other blog ( I have just launched my very first ‘Fat Loss Project’.  20 people have signed up to take part as one of my guinea pigs, to transform their bodies and lose 20-30 pounds in 6 weeks.  I am sending them daily nutrition plans and workout programs EVERY SINGLE DAY!  The […]

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Are Artifical Sweeteners Good For Fat Loss?

July 21, 2009Coach Rylan No Comments »

I’ve spoken on this topic before, but I think it deserves to be underscored yet again. If you want to find out if artificial sweeteners really help you to lose weight, then you need to check out this post I just made over at The Go Sleeveless Blog. I’ll also share with you some tips […]

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My Kettle Get's a Workout Too

June 29, 2009Coach Rylan 1 Comment »

To the average person I might seem to drink an inhuman amount of tea. I usually drink 3-4 cups during the day, and then probably another 3-4 after dinner (no cream and no sweetener however!) Of course, this isn’t your regular black tea, it’s all organic green tea or herbal tea, but I get asked […]

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Three Quick Tips For Fast Fat Loss

June 12, 2009Coach Rylan No Comments »

Here are three quick tips for getting rapid and effective fat loss results: Stop drinking anything with calories in it, and eliminate diet sodas altogether.  All of your calories should come from whole food.  It stimulates your metabolism and keeps you full and satisfied. Keep your workouts short but more intense.  Don’t rest longer than […]

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